Jazz, Disco Techno... You Have It All On Deejay Friendly-02You’ve probably heard about those people, who, even in the 21st century are refusing to listen to the music in any other way, but via record player. Well, I am one of them. Why? Well, the reason for this is that I can never really “feel” the music that I hear on any other medium, whether it is television, radio, music system, or computer. Plus, the music that I love to listen to, jazz, shouldn’t be as “clean” as you can listen to it when you play it on your MP3. There has to be  a little “soul” to it. For me, this is the only way that I can really enjoy some good old music.


So far, I each had to personally buy my vinyl records from a store. The problem with this was that the store in question was in the next city and I would have to drive there to buy a record, which wasn’t always convenient, considering the fact that I am working a lot and don’t have much time for that. Plus, they don’t have a very good selection.


Fortunately, I found a very good website on the Internet, that buys and sells vinyl records. Actually, someone told me about it when I had posted this question on some forum.  It is called Deejay Friendly as is just the perfect place for finding some oldies.


Jazz, Disco Techno... You Have It All On Deejay Friendly-01There is just so many good old music that I wouldn’t know where to start. Of course, I am mostly interested in jazz, but you also have disco, Detroit techno, rock, punk, latin and many other types of music. And  it is all so easy to browse. The site is very simple and yet attractive, everything is easy to find. All you have to do is look to the left side of your screen and you will see the list of different music genres. Just click on anything that you are interested in and it will display several records that you can purchase. Of course, in order to purchase anything here, you first need to order it and for that, you need to be a member of this site. But, don’t worry, Deejay Friendly does not require any monthly fee. Actually, it is completely free of charge if you want to join, but you will have to give them your name and address so that they know to whom and where to send a record that you’ve ordered.


There are a few more really cool things on this site. The first one is that you can view the top 10 records by order of popularity for every type of music, which will certainly make it a little more easier to choose something. But, what I like best are the occasional auctions for those really rare records that you can compete at. Plus, you can also view some of the sample videos of the bands that you would like to buy a record from. All in all, a very original site.

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